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Baseball Club: Natural

Baseball Club: Natural image
The Department of English Language Education’s baseball club was founded as Young Star in 1986 and changed to Natural in 1987. It has demonstrated its excellent performances in the seoktap (first division) league matches hosted by the KU president, with three wins, four semi-final wins, and several third-place finishes. Its annual activities include a retreat, training camps, a carnival, and an upperclassmen vs. underclassmen match. The club meets weekly.
One of the best student sports clubs at the College of Education, Natural got its name from the 1984 Robert Redford film, The Natural. The movie is famous for a scene in which a home-run ball hits the electronic scoreboard and creates fireworks. Since our foundation, we have continuously dominated in the university league hosted by the KU president.

While we have regular practice matches to develop our capability as a sports club, we also continue our efforts to unite our members. Every year, we go on a retreat and training camps. We have a match with upperclassmen and alumni and a carnival. Our friendships don’t stop after graduation. We have a baseball league for those who want to play a baseball as a hobby. You can join the league and find some of our former club members there. In Natural, you will have unforgettable memories and supportive friends that you cannot find anywhere but in our club.

We Want You!
Homepage : http://cafe.daum.net/naturalbaseball

Basketball Club: Stubborn

Basketball Club: Stubborn image
Stubborn – the College of Education student basketball club – was founded in 1981 when the Department of English Language Education was established. Since its foundation, it has displayed great performances, reaching the semi-finals in the first division league in 1988, receiving an award for passionate cheering for six consecutive years from 1987, being awarded a special prize by the KU president in 1994, and winning the third place in the hosang league in 2011. Its members continue their long history of friendship and solidarity, including the founding members.
As of 2016, the club had approximately 30 current members (led by Jin-won Ju, ’12), with 200 total members including alumni. Every year, we hold a homecoming event on campus to celebrate the establishment of Stubborn. Our club focuses on building strong relationships between upperclassmen and underclassmen and developing a positive and active way of thinking. Our motto is, “Once with Stubborn, always with Stubborn.” The relationships you build in our club will continue throughout your lifetime. Every year, we have a regular meeting between upperclassmen and underclassmen including alumni. In addition to the homecoming event, we go on a retreat in May and participate in basketball matches hosted by the university.
First, we would like to thank you for your kind attention to our department and club. To provide you with a best assistance in your college life, we want to introduce you the best student club ever in our department. Stubborn – a student basketball club – was created together with our department in 1981. Professor Chungbae Kim, who is currently, a professor emeritus at the department and who played a major role in establishing our department, named the club “Stubborn” to describe the passionate students who entered the university in 1981. Over the past three decades, we have been at the center of planning and organization for a variety of college and department events, solidifying our position as a leading student club.

We have our regular practice matches on Friday and participate in on-campus games. In doing so, we believe we can strengthen our solidarity. At our annual homecoming event, we invite a host of guests from the founding members and their family members to new students. All of our members are men and women of character and talent. For those who have a passion and love for the department, please do not hesitate to knock on the door to Stubborn.
Homepage : http://club.cyworld.com/ClubV1/Home.cy/51046901

tudent Chorus: Sinbaram

Sinbaram is a student chorus where you can build friendships with colleagues and upperclassmen. What makes us different from other student clubs is that we have a sub-club, called Neutbaram, where alumni can keep in touch and even go on trips together with their families. It is indeed very touching to see the relationships made in our club last even after students have graduated. Every Tuesday, we gather for practice. We don’t limit ourselves to solemn and serious songs, and instead arrange songs in various genres. Making chords and creating beautiful harmonies is what we are all about.

Sinbaram began in 1990, formed by a group of new students. Supported by our founder, Hyeon-mo Kim, we have continued our tradition till today. Here is a brief history of Sinbaram.
신바람 역사
1990. Chorus established by new students.
1991.5월. Foundation of Sinbaram (first chorus director; Hyeon-mo Kim,’90)
1993.3월. Composition of theme song “Sinbaram Norae” (composed by Hyeon-mo Kim)
1991~1994. Winning the first prize in a singing competition hosted by the College of Education
1996.3월. Establishment of Neutbaram for alumni members
1993~2007 Regular performances of “A Small Music Concert by Sinbaram”

The Sinbaram chorus has a regular performance every November at the start of winter. The performance is significant as it provides a chance for our members to demonstrate what they have achieved throughout the year and to solidify their close friendships as they prepare for the concert. It is always so moving to see our professors, upperclassmen, and parents come share a wonderful moment together at our concert.

Student Chorus: Sinbaram image
In 2007, we had our 13th performance, entitled “Paper Plane Falls in Love.” In addition to our regular concert, we host the following activities:
▶ New Student Welcome Event / Spring and Fall picnics with new students
▶ Double Six Day Event (June 6th) inviting members both from Sinbaram and Neutbaram
▶ 3-Day / 2-Night Summer Camp and Winter Camp
▶ Year-end Party inviting members both from Sinbaram and Neutbaram

Initially formed by a small group of students who enjoyed playing an acoustic guitar and singing together, Sinbaram has developed as a student chorus club which dares to take on various music genres from a cappella to musical numbers. What has not changed though is the fact that we sing together to make wonderful harmonies. In Sinbaram, you will learn how to deeply move others with your voice. We hope you to join us soon.

Student chorus band, established in 1990, in the Department of English Language Education Winning the singing competitions hosted by the College of Education in 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1994

The club consists of around 30 students from the Department of English Language Education. Members meet once in a week for practice and stage a regular performance per year. We cover a wide range of songs from grass-roots activist songs to pop music.

Homepage : http://kusinbaram.cyworld.com

Mentoring Club: Aurum

Mentoring Club: Aurum image
Aurum is the newest of the department’s five student clubs, established in 2015 by its first president Pu-reum Hong (’14) and vice-president Jin-kyeung Song (’14).
Aurum focuses on providing mentoring services to high school students. Every fourth Saturday of the month, it holds a mentoring camp, entitled ‘Auruming Day,’ where it provides popular, highly rated one-to-one mentoring services to high school students participating in the camp.

To promote friendship inside the club, its members go on a picnic, a retreat, and to Summer and Winter camps. At their regular Monday meetings they engage in mock mentoring sessions or discuss matters related to club management. In November, the club opens an off-line forum, entitled ‘Aura,’ to look back on issues and events of the year.
Homepage : https://www.facebook.com/kuaurum http://cafe.naver.com/kuaurum

Student Band: Complete Combustion

Student Band: Complete Combustion image
Complete Combustion offers new students a precious opportunity to enjoy their college life in a more romantic and musical way. Compared to other student clubs, we have a relatively small number of members who have a common interest in music, thereby building more intense friendships. If you want to have an unforgettable memory in your college life, please contact us. We have a regular concert twice a year and make it a festival for the entire department. Professors, upperclassmen, alumni, classmates, and even parents are all invited to the concert. Please do not miss our regular concert this year! We are WAN!
Complete Combustion was established in 2002 by new students of the year who wanted to pour their passion into music during their college years. Every year, it selects a certain number of students for each part and stages regular concerts and club performances.
After receiving new students in March, the club holds a membership ceremony where new students take the oath of allegiance to the club. On Wednesdays, we gather for practice followed by a meal together. Our annual schedule consists of a new students’ concert in March, a regular concert in September, and several club performances throughout during the year. After each concert or performance, we all go on a retreat to celebrate and to encourage their hard-working members.
Homepage : http://club.cyworld.com/wanband